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Is it really depression or just not used to feeling my feelings from being numb!


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Might my depression be a result of numbing my feelings for so long that now they are overwhelming me?  Anyone consulted a therapist about this?  Is there any information out there about how to navigate these returning feelings without incurring a major depressive episode and/oranxiety?


Any information or links so appreciated.


Lots of great information about the biochemistry of withdrawal not much on psychotherapeutic aspects.


Anyone at all!!!!

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I looked back at your posts and see you're either still tapering Zopiclone or have completed it?  Either way, I feel it's too soon to diagnose what you're feeling.  If you're still tapering, you can't know what's you and what's the drug and if you're free of the drug then its still too early because recovery takes a long time and you won't know who you and what is you and what is the medication until you do. 

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