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I am looking for an educated therapist/counselor/psychologist in Washington state who is familiar with Benzos.  Anyone have any referrals?  My husband is desperate for some help.  His doctor tapered him off xanax, (via switching to valium) and he had no problems until 2 weeks after the taper was complete.  Many symptoms are better, but his mental state is worse.  Any help is appreciated.
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Hi Catherine,

I can't help you with the therapist request, but maybe someone else can.

How long has he been off now? What amount did he taper from and at what rate? Mental/emotional symptoms are quite normal post benzo.

You could call around to different therapists and ask. Even if they are not familiar with benzos, if they are open to it they may be helpful. Make sure they won't try and reinstate him or put him on something else. They may want him to start an antidepressant. This isn't really a good idea, unless of course he is severely depressed and suicidal.

Depression and anxiety due to benzo wd will pass in time, and it's better not to throw another chemical at his healing brain!

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THis is the only one on the list:


Dr Mark Chalem

105 W. 8th Ave

Spokane, WA 99204



"... a great psychiatrist who was open to doing a valium taper but hadn't done many of them and did not know the correct conversion of Ativan to Valium. He was very willing to read the Ashton Manual when I gave him the website. He was extremely impressed with it, willing to follow the recommendations and has been 100% supportive of my valium taper including doing it at the pace that is comfortable for me. He is also very kind and easy to talk to. I asked his permission to have his name added to this website and he said that was fine."


Hope that helps.  :thumbsup:



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