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healed from quick taper lorazepam


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Hi I just wanted to let you all know that sometimes it won’t take as long as what you are guessing that it might to get off and heal completely!

Hi I was on 1 milligrams of lorazepam for multiple years maybe 7 to 8, and on Xanax for probably 4 years. Rough guess on the years.  I was in tolerance for at least two years and decided to finally ask about getting off of it I just happen to have one of the doctors that thought a quick taper was the right way to go and there was never discussing any other option with him so I thought well I’ll just try and do what he suggested which was cutting it down 25% each week, and I’m so glad I did and I’m so glad I had this website and support group.

I was constantly on here reading other peoples stories and tips and tricks and what works and what doesn’t etc. 

I have no anxiety no panic attacks.

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Congrats Wildflower your story is amazing. I often wonder what is different that made you so successful. Is there anything separate like diet or supplements that your on. Is it age or something else

or just luck. I know we are all different but just hoping there’s something. I guess if there was people would be doing it and we wouldn’t have this forum

Anyway I’m very happy for you and wish you continued happiness


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Oh no!!! I’m so sorry about your setback! I hope it goes away very quickly and that you feel 100% again real soon! Can you think of something that may have caused the setback? Anything come to mind?

Please report back 🙏

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