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Red and itch skin arms and legs any idea?


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:angel:During this long process I have experienced many physical problems, but this one is NEW.

Did you experience red itchy skin on arms, vingers, and legs? And it does not stop, but expand daily.


Nothing works, so I am curious.


Any feedback or idea?

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I have the bumpy read, burning red forearm thing.  Comes and goes.  Allegra helps, but does not help with sleep.  Nothing helps with sleep.


Ice works the best, tho. 


This is a symptom had years ago and now is back.  Maybe cuz it's Summer and everything is worse in the heat... I don't know.

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Barabaave, have you tried the sedating antihistamines, phenergen and similar? You may kill two birds with one stone. Your doctor should be able to prescribe them Allegra won't help with sleep.
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