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Diagnosed with ADHD


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Hey everyone. I’m posting because my psychiatrist had me take an ADHD test and determined that I do in fact have ADHD. I’m not surprised. I have a lot of childhood trauma, and have had ADHD symptoms for a good part of my life even before I started taking clonazepam or started going through the withdrawal process.

The thing is I also know that most of the ADHD symptoms are also withdrawal symptoms. I am in protractor withdrawal. I took my last dose of clonazepam on August 2019.

My waves are horrific and my windows aren’t that great. My anxiety, paranoia, agoraphobia, and cognitive fog have been my primary withdrawal symptoms. I do have benzo belly and weird pains and pins and needles and I’ve had things like that all through withdrawal but by far the mental symptoms are the worst.

I just started a new job and I’m actually gonna be transferring to even a newer one and I am so fucked up in the head. I feel completely non-functional. I have worked all throughout withdrawal at a very high stress job. My doctor wants to prescribe me Adderall, and I’m thinking of taking it just to see if I get some relief and I’m able to focus and do my work without freaking out every day. I am basically in an all day long panic attack consistently.

I started taking Lexapro about two months ago and to be honest I can’t really tell if it’s helping. We just upped my dose two weeks ago, and I think maybe my increased anxiety is because of that.

I held off for so long not taking any psych meds, and a couple of months ago I just felt like I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to at least try.

Any feedback or suggestions? Thank you all so much.

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Hey there,


My last benzo was in december. I'd started Adderall last year. Not a perfect match but worked. Our plan was to taper then Adderall only. I had so many symptoms I don't which way is up. I spent a day in psych testing to determine that I was basically on the 4th grade level of anything, my intellect is high function, kill'em with conversation and kindness. Fast forward to now, I would not have started on Addrerall, however it has helped. There is alot of origin stuff going on. Meaning "wherever you go, there you are". I have alot of "me" work to do to clear up the past.


I have a high stress job as well. In the recovery phase I have traveled for work, 2 weeks ago I lead an 8 hour audit which was 8 hours of non-stop talk being grilled, not to mention was a 2 hour flight each way, up at 4am home after 10pm. This has been standard. I am operating off chaos and probably Adderall. 3 months in one of my employees begged to go to a conference, road trip, I said okay. I elected to drive but put them on a plane. I needed some space not to freak out. That was a 10 hour drive each way with 3 days in a hotel downtown New Orleans, in a haunted hotel, so they say. I keep thinking there has got to be some normalcy somewhere, just cant find it.


If you can do without I'd say go for it. But if it's sink or swim well may do what you have to do.

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