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No issue with second Covid booster?


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I had my first 2 Covid Pfizer vaccines and my booster back in December. Our son has been doing virtual school and is back to in person this September as well as my sister is also getting married in Sept. Any positives on your 4th vaccine (second booster so to speak)??


We waited 8 months for our first booster and will be waiting 9 months for the second if we wait until August. Thanks all!

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I am having bad reaction to 2nd Covid vax (pfizer).  Came on here to see how people were doing on the vaxx and can't find a topic!  Where would I read more experiences?  Can someone give me a link, please? 


I am super fatigued and vibrating... can't think.  Guess that is increased akathesia.



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Thank you.  Wish it were in one spot as I can't focus well now.  i gather quite a few bad reactions, tho.  Guess I am not alone but wish this were not the case!!!
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