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Has anyone Tapered Multiple Psych Meds together


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Hey everybody.  I truly with all of my heart believe that I was misdiagnosed with bipolar about 6 months ago.  I graduated from college with 3 degrees.  I have a great job and have never missed a day of work due to mental illness issues.   

I was put on Geodon and Klonopin.  Then after a few months Lamictal was added.  I never felt worse in my life than these 6 months.  I know the meds have made me feel much worse than I felt before.  I believe my "break down" that happened 6 months ago was more due to other circumstances than it was to being truly bipolar.

That being said I want off all the meds.  I am a teacher so I want to try to accomplish this before the summer is over and be medication free for the begining of the school year.  I want all my withdrawals to occur over the summer.  I started to taper all 3 meds already. 


Klonopin 1mg to .75mg

Geodon 120mg to 100mg

Lamictal 100mg to 50mg


Has anyone had success tapering multiple meds at once.  I plan on staggering the last dose of each so I am not withdrawing completely from each.  I plan on stopping the Klonopin first then either lamictal or geodon.  I figured I wan to go through the hardest withdrwal first.


Any comments?






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Honestly, I'm glad I c/t'ed my amitriptyline before I went into serious benzo w/d. It was hell, but I'm glad I did it, the stuff made me feel terrible. I'm not suggesting you do that with any of your meds - I was suicidally depressed from doing so -- just thought I'd tell you my own experience here, as I'm not sure there is any easy way out of a polydrug mess.
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I started tapering in April from both klonopin and celexa.....I did ok until July....I told myself that

when I hit a snag that I would have to choose....I picked the celexa because I didn't want

another taper after the klonopin. For the most part I did ok....


I know most frown upon it.....If I had to do it again I probably would have finished the celexa

earlier and then started the klonopin....Really I did ok for the most part....


Look at Leena's blog....She talks a lot about that there...


Good Luck....

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