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Estazolam and hydroxyzine


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Been on 1mg estazolam that is a benzo and hydroxyzine 5mg every night to sleep. I sleep 8-9 hours. I tried to quit estazolam and went badly. Tried to change to klonopin went worse. I’m still at 1mg estazolam and 5mg hydroxyzine. Been feeling really depressed and floaty. Thinking it was the hydroxyzine I decided to taper to 2.5 mgs. I felt less depressed and more active today. Slept fine but now I’m having anxiety. Is it possible that hydroxyzine potentiates estazolam. Read hydroxyzine is not an addictive drug. But why do I feel anxious even tho I haven’t started my estazolam taper yet. Thanks for reading. Lots of love ❤️
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