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Prozac and Rexulti plus klonopin


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Hi, all;


I have been on prozac about the same amount of time that I have been on klonopin;  about 31 years, except for times when I had gaps when I tried other SSRIs. 


Late february, I went off of 20 mg prozac for about 6 weeks because it was emotionally blunting me and I was having bad sexual side effects.  Well, at first, I was doing great, but then,  I got a wave of crying spells in late March, coupled with extreme anxiety and panic, not to mention some shouting spells where I was extremely irritable. 


After realizing that it could be withdrawal, I then went back on 20 mg prozac, but I felt a real surge in my nervous system;  it felt as though I drank a few cups of coffee.  I never had trouble with prozac in the past. 


Could it be that from starting and stopping the medication that my body is getting ultra sensitive to this? 


I also gave up rexulti, which was an add on to the prozac for major depressive disorder.  The reason I gave up rexulti was that I gained 40 pounds on just a small dose .5 mg of it  which I took for almost two years. 


I guess my body is still adjusting to not tapering off prozac, and coming off of the rexulti?


I want to stabilize myself on the prozac before tapering on the clonazepam. 


I read somewhere where it's a good idea to have an SSRI on board while tapering off a benzo. 


Thanks in advance,


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Excellent plan to stabilize before attempting to taper from the Klonopin, hopefully you won't have to go back on the Rexulti.
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thanks, Pamster.


I got metabolic syndrome from rexulti: rapid weight gain,  high cholesterol, high lipids and triglycerides, extreme cravings. 


I know it's not worth risking diabetes. 


I'm hoping that I stabilize soon on the prozac so that I have that in my system to help me out when I start to taper.





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