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Too hot to handle


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Those hot print thermal paper receipts you get from any store, the ATM, gas station or whatever are hot alright in a way you may not know. They contain mega quantities of BPA or Bisphenol-A a toxin most often found in plastic containers. It is especially bad for infants and microwaving babies bottle to warm it is a bad thing if it's plastic. Unfortunately the receipts have even larger concentrations than plastic and skin absorption is easy. Don't let junior handle those receipts and put hand to mouth or chew the receipt. Try and avoid handling them yourself.


Canada has declared it toxic http://u.voizle.com/agklqo


US tests showed intense concentration on the receipt http://u.voizle.com/jfhsu


Test report results here  http://u.voizle.com/kbdx


Can't think of any way to avoid this unless 1) spend no money or 2) get someone else to do your shopping.


Better suggestions welcome.


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I was wondering about this compound in my tupperware.  I bought is years ago.


Do you know of a test I can do at home to check them?

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Just one more thing to add to my OCD list :laugh:  I am not sure what to say about this one... receipts are given almost everywhere. I can't imagine going to a grocery store and refusing to take the receipt that the clerk is giving me.. or let alone putting on some latex gloves to grab it.  Lots of things can be toxic and I don't doubt that receipts can be too.  But how many receipts can someone safely handle?  Obviously the cashiers are touching receipts exponentially more than the customers.


I don't think I am going to alter anything in my life for this one... although I will probably just throw the receipts (except for major purchases) out as soon as I can.

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Wow - I had no idea that receipts are so toxic.  Thank-you for mentioning this.  Where I am, cashiers often ask if I want the receipt in the bag or if I want to take it myself.  I think I will ask for it to go in the bag from now on.  And if they don't ask me, I can always hold my bag open for them to drop it in.  I see people doing that a lot, so I don't think that would come across as strange.  At least that way I could get rid of it without touching it once I get home.  This might work for me.  :thumbsup:


I don't usually ask for a receipt at the ATM since I keep track of everything online.  So I guess I'm covered, there.


I'm glad I know about this, now.  Thank-you for sharing!  :)




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believe - I don't know of any home test that can say whether or not the plastic has BPA leeching out but polycarbonates seem to be the worst. Tupperware is not polycarbonate I think? This site gives some tips to help avoid http://www.ewg.org/bisphenol-a-info and also what plastics to avoid.


ClaudiaSharon - my pleasure. I was thinking the other day how ladies especially in bygone days all wore gloves. Too bad the fashion went out of style. Only germs in those days to to worry about. Ah well!



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Wa Sappening,

My son is a checker at our local Co-op and they switched over to non-bpa paper just before he started.  I think that since there are alternatives, you could ask stores to switch.

I know here in CA they are trying to ban it altogether.  Hopefully it will also include receipts which are recycled etc....

Yeesh, toxic meds/toxic WORLD. Hard to keep it all together!




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