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im not addicted to codeine...is it ok to take a little sometimes for xanax w/d?


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hi bbz. Everytime i make a cut...every few weeks now.....occassionally when the w/d from xanax cuases severe anxiety i find that a little codeine helps me hold the cut. Is this ok? I dont indulge...but if it helps keep the cut , can it really be that harmful once a fortight. I know codeine is an opiate...but a few tablets really helps?


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Hello Gembaby,


I saw your question and wanted to give you my experience with adjusting to a cut. I have been dry cutting from 5mg of Klonopin and am currently at .09375mg. I have been in the process of tapering for a little over 2 years now. Here is what works for me:


Relaxation exercises. I am re-reading Benzo-Wise and utilizing the suggestions in her book. She has a chapter called "Coping Tools". I am currently having a challenging time and have been taking time to implement these strategies.


Warm baths. I have found that taking a warm bath is calming to me. I prefer to use Epsoms Salts because the magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant. I get as many baths as I need. Sometimes up to 3 times per day.


Going for a Walk. I find that really helpful when I have the energy.


I have learned over this period of time to work on non-drug ways to manage my anxiety. I do take a tylenol on occasion when I need extra support.


I hope this is helpful,


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Summer gave you some good info.


I take Ibuprofen sometimes.

(I'm not suggesting it).


Codeine is a Schedule II or Schedule III substance depending on the formulation.

Just to let you know.



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Using an addictive substance to withdraw from another addictive substance doesn't sound like a very good idea.  I've seen many Buddies do this, and most of them regret it, so I hope you'll think twice about doing this again and instead use some of the great techniques Summer has mentioned instead.
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My MD gives me Tylenol w/Codeine tabs to have on hand

during my taper. I am not thrilled about adding another

medication to the mix, but sometimes I am in so much

muscle pain ... and having ongoing insomnia and some

anxiety -- that I am very glad to have SOMETHING to

use here and there.  A lot of us cannot take Motrin due

to stomach issues.


I have strictly adhered to the

prescribed dosing of the codeine----I take far less than

my doc prescribes. It has helped me get thru the

really rough times during my taper. Again, if you can

get by without adding another controlled substance,

all the better. I have not had any worsening symptoms

from the cautious use of codeine. If you are prone to

addictive behavior, be extremely careful...you may be

opening another can of worms.

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