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How long is to long before moving on...


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This is day 11 of my current dosage and I'm not stabalizing...in fact, this is the second worse day yet. I thought I was recovering Saturday, but the symptoms came back with vengeance on Monday and have not stop since then...how long do I wait before I know I won't stabalize and need to make another cut? I think I read somewhere 14 days, but I'll like to get your opinions.


This is truly the first cut that has gone on this long with these many w/d sx, so I'm in unknown territory for myself.





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honey if you would update your footer to show each cut and its date then i would have a better idea.


now i took some hefty cuts and held them for a month.  some cuts actually brought releif.


so i don't know what percentage your cut was - but if you put your original dose and percentage of each cut with a date by it then it will be easier to track.


it helps to avoid all caffeine and for some sugar to - keep regular sleep wake times - clean bed room - keep it cool and settle down starting early in the evening.

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