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The program below is on my local pbs station in March. I'm assuming it will be on other pbs stations around the country. It sounded like something that might be really interesting and beneficial to check out!


The times listed below reflect the San Francisco Bay Area, No Cal.




KQED Analog TV9: 3/04 9pm, 3/05 1am, 3/06 1pm, 3/09 10am, 3/14 8:30pm (1:29:46)

A healthy brain is key to a great quality of life. The brain, of course, figures in everything we do - our work life, our relationships, the way we feel and the way we perceive the world. Any damage to the brain, through aging, substance abuse, trauma or other surprising factors - can affect our quality of life adversely. At the same time, making an effort to maintain a healthy brain through activities and protective behaviors that keep it youthful and vital can make every other aspect of your life more positive and more enjoyable.

In this program best-selling author, psychiatrist and brain-imaging specialist Dr. Daniel G. Amen demonstrates how to optimize mental performance and overcome self-defeating behaviors like depression, ADD, and anxiety. For over 20 years Dr. Amen has been helping people heal common mental issues like depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, impulsive behavior and other problems by addressing the health of the brain. He shows us in simple language how our brain works, how damage (through bumps, falls, substance abuse, diet, aging, and other factors) can reveal itself in our negative behaviors, and how to improve brain health and achieve optimum results. Included in the program is his prescription to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.



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Silver, it probably won't be on the same date where you are. Look it up in your tv guide, or go online to your local PBS station and look at their schedule.

But I will try to remember to bump up this post a few times. It just looks like it might be a really important and helpful show for just about all of us.


What is your local PBS station? I'll see if I can find it online. Or PM me your city or zip code. 

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:'( :'( :'(


It's not being televised tonight or over the next week where I live.  Apparently it's an "old" program since I got directed to the place where I could order the DVD.  Hope someone will post whether it was any good, what they learned that's helpful, that kind of stuff.

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