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Alternatives to drugs?


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What are you all doing to keep yourself from going back to the drugs or to keep yourself 'sane'?


Books, meditations, positive thoughts, affirmations,natural remedies, vitamins etc. etc.? Id LOVE to hear from those who are either in the middle of a withdrawal/taper or who are totally off the benzos.


Also have any of you heard of Lucinda Bassetts books and tapes on anxiety? OR some of the natural remedies liek SAMM-E, Anxietol?--


Im in the middle of my taper but I still would love to take some 'action' so that I dont want to return to my med.


Thanks you guys.


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hi Michelle - i find knowledge is power - so i read and read and read and read - and i counted on these boards - these people.


i have tarot decks - did readings - meditations prayed for help/guidance - deep breathing - and i trusted and i believed in myself - and i am just plain hard headed and stubborn.


i often tell people there is a large leap of faith in this process - sometimes you cannot read enough, meditate enough feel the presence of support real or not - sometimes you just have to believe in yourself with or without any evidence.

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Hi Michelle!!


Ya know what keeps me from going back on those poisons????  The fear of going through hell again!!  About a year and 1/2 ago I started a new job and the training was very intense.  I was a nervous wreck!!  Decided taking Klonopin a couple of times wouldn't hurt anything.  I had two panic attacks because of that.  For whatever reason, my body does not like benzo's!!  Once they left my system...the nerves were 10 times worse than they were BEFORE I took them.


Once you are off this crap...DON'T GO BACK!!  Do whatever you have to do...exercise, read, education, pray, take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine....benzo's are absolutely, positively, without a doubt...NOT THE ANSWER!!


.....stepping off my soap box now.......LOL


Lots of Love and Support,



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