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I wanted to thank everyone here for the invaluable insight I’ve gained. I truly thought I was going insane when my doctor cut my Valium cold turkey. I would been reducing over a year and was doing well. I would  got down to 2mg and he decided that could be cut out completely. I Was not  worried initially as it seemed such a small dose.

Fast forward 2 days and my world began to collapse. It seemed every few hours something else began to plague me. Vision problems, tinnitus, electric shocks every time I put my feet on the ground, massive agitation and anxiety, stuttering speech,no sleep? nausea, numb face, the list was endless. I decided I was either insane and or the worst hypochondriac in existence.

My husband stumbled across this site as he was becoming concerned and that has been my salvation.

I contacted my doctor, armed with facts and research papers and he has agreed to a patient guided taper. I took my first Valium and I was back to me ! I can't believe removing such a small dose could cause such a maelstrom of symptoms.

I have been on benzodiazepines for over 11 years and it truly terrifies me that I could have potentially caused some long term damage, including it would appear and increased risk of dementia. However for now, I am  happy simply to have rejoined the human race and to know I am  neither insane or a rampant hypochondriac.

My gratitude knows no limits to all those here, who take the time to post such sanity saving information and advice.

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What great post! This site was lifesaving for me too!


Would you consider putting timeline/dosage details in your profile signature so others can know where you're at in your journey?


Wishing you optimum health and recovery!

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