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Looking for courage


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Hello dear Community,


I have been of from K for 20 months after a 14 months taper and from mirtazapine-remeron for a month after a 26 months taper...I began having sleepless nous twice a week 7days after jumping and now I sleep a couple hours every night...


This is the worst insomnia in this withdrawal experience.


I am a teacher and I was on disability for two years because U was very sick during withdrawal. I went back to work last november and pushed through. So glad I did


I was sleeping perfectly at the end of my taper. I don't want to reinstate or take any suppléments. I want to heal naturally.


I have to go back to work in 3weeks...I will do partime. I want yo find the courage to do it despite this insomnia. I have already have some beautiful support from The Way, Aloha and MtFan...these 3 persons are keeping me going with their experience and great attitude toward insomnia.


It is 2 pm here...another rough night.


I just don't know where I went wrong with my tapers.


I hope this will resolve soon.


Thank you for sharing tout thoughts and experience lovely people. Baylissa says when you are not sleeping your brain is keeping you up for a reason.

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Wow, you are such an amazing person. The anticipation of work is no doubt causing you some stress even if you don't know it. Normal withdrawal stuff. You will do what you need to do because you're such a tough person. It will suck but the prize is that eventually, there will be a last time that you have to soldier through such adversity. Keep being brave, wonderful friend.
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Your insomnia should resolve over time.  It's sort of common for some to still have sleep issues as far off as you are (20 months).


I will be 4 years off in 12 days and while my sleep is not perfect, it is so much better than it was after I jumped CT


I work in the education field too so I know what you are going through.


I commend your great attitude of wanting to heal naturally and not take anything Rx or natural.  I was forced to do that as nothing worked for more than a night or 2.


Time will heal you.  Your sleep will return.


You'll get past this!

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Oh Hon,


What I can tell you is that (for me) the BIGGEST key was surrendering.  You have survived EVERY day and night when you got little to no sleep.

When it happens again, you'll survive AGAIN!

It's in the stressing (or not stressing) that sleep begins to ease it's way back in.

LET GO of the thought that you "did something wrong in your taper"!!!

It's that kind of thinking that is keeping your brain (subconsciously) whirring at night.  YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!!

You're OKAY!!! 

Think of the women who want to have a baby SO bad and can't get pregnant.  Then, they decide to adopt and forget about getting pregnant.

They have the new baby for a month or two and WHAM, they get pregnant!!

The body/brain is SOOO intricate and delicate and works in ways we will probably never understand.

Here is a video that I listened to the entire time I had insomnia.

I will still listen to it at night if I'm having a hard time falling asleep.

Listen to it.  Believe it!!



If it doesn't come up, go to Youtube and search for Lauren Ostrowski Fenton and "It's Okay".


Honestly, SO many of her meditation/night time insomnia videos are SOOO good.


I hope this advice helps.



Deep breaths.


You're okay!

You are not broken!






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Thank you all lovely, courageous people!


Well I am getting back also the morning sickness.


I just feel so defeated after having a big part of my life back...I hope I have a break soon!


I have been doing this including the taper for almost 3 years..


I feel that I am starting withdrawal again!


Sorry, just tired to fight...but I will go on!

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