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Kidney Stones and UTI's from Psychiatric Med(s) ?


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I've been searching for info regarding the impact on the urinary system from psychiatric drugs, including benzos.  My specialist told me these drugs have a detrimental effect on those of us with kidney issues.


I feel my concerns once again dismissed.  I will be writing to my specialist but thought to ask here in the waiting period. 


Anyone else have issues that you notice in connection with benzos, seroquel, etc? 


If you have kidney issues, stones, I would love to hear your observations and experiences.  I passed several large ones about 4-6 weeks into taking clonazepam and mirtazapine.  It may have worsened with seroquel.  Too many med changes in just 1 year.


Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks, there is so much info on here but my brain is in a state if disconnect from the intense WD.



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