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Please help I snow popping up bad


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I’m 24 months into a setback,In the insomnia will go away for a few months and then come back full force, I have not slept in six days...my heart is pounding from high anxiety and My intrusive thoughts are horrible..I keep getting 0 hours and then maybe 3 hours but I’m seriously barely hanging on..

I will lay there with my body so exhausted and sleepy but my mind  is awake and thinking..is this normal? It’s seriously so bad,words cannot describe,I feel like this will never end

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In my opinion the insomnia is the worse symptom.  Akathisia is right there too. I was where you are a year ago.  I wasn't functioning very well.  My brain was fried and I struggled at work to remember the basics.  It will get better I promise.  My insomnia is gone!  Just keep telling yourself it will get better. Its a tough road, but a year from now you will be doing the happy dance.



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Insomnia is awful and was one of my most challenging s/x. I tried a few OTC drugs, but they made me feel awful the next day. Nowadays I use about 50 mgs of CBD marijuana. I don't know where you live, but if it's  legal there, why not give it a try? Go to a dispensary and consult them. I would suggest an edible -- a low dose to start.


Something else that helped me a great deal was to have a "go to sleep" CD cued up. There are quite a few of these available on Amazon. The best I found was "Deep Sleep With Medical Hypnosis" by Andrew Gurgevich. It sent me off to sleep every time. Or, you could look on youtube for something similar. Or, investigate music called alpha music. Just Google it. I suggest Chuck Wild's swoony music.


Look around. But lordy, lordy, don't just lie there. I did, clenching my teeth and full of anxiety until I decided that I had to help myself.


Hope you get some zzzzz's.







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