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Remeron Updose While Weaning?? (And.. I just couldn't do it). No updose


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Me again...


UPDATE!  Well, I've decided I made it through another day, so will just stay the course.  :)  No updose, keep on keeping on!!


So I am 2 months into a bad wave (9 months off Xanax)...I am currently at 2.0 mgs of Remeron and holding, but wonder if I will ever stabilize out?? 

NOTE:  Here's my challenge, the previous months on Remeron I really had zero withdrawals.  Which was truly a blessing, how much it helped.


Has anyone reducing Remeron/Mirtz hit a wall, updosed and gotten at least comfortable until they are ready to wean again??


I'm not trying to continue my wean anymore, I just want to get STABLE!  My Dr said where I'm at, my dose just isn't enough med to offer any real therapeutics, and suggested a small updose to 2.5 to help get me to a good a baseline. 


Or, do I just need to do the time??  I don't have any experience with this med, but I am wondering... at some point, do we just need to endure the withdrawal to truly get off of this med?  Does it only delay the inevitable?


GOD, I just don't know what to do.  I know the philosophy of everyone is to stay and hold, but I am on the med already.  So what difference does it make?? 


Looking for answers...


P.S.  Please don't move to the Remeron Support Group...









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Do you think another half an MG of Remeron is going to help? If you can hold, that's probably not what you want to hear, choice is yours really. If you can tolerate it stay the course.
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