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n-acetyl-l-cysteine to reduce risk of thrombosis


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N-acetylcysteine or NAC is common supplement you can get at the vitamin store that is very safe and well tolerated. It will help with the blood clotting and reducing symptoms of covid. I would use it. It will prevent thrombosis by reducing Von Willebrand factor, VWF, a clotting protein.


SARS Cov-2 binds ACE-2 receptors taking them out of commission, which increases angiotensin-ll and decreases angiotensin 1-7. This causes the accumulation of superoxide (O2) which will increase oxidative stress. This will in turn cause endothelial cell dysfunction, which increases the amount of VWF, clotting protein released from the sub endothelial space and that causes thrombosis which will lead to complications.


n-acetylcysteine can act directly on superoxide and reduce VWF monomers and polymers coming together forming these clots.

There is no direct evidence that this will work yet because they haven't done any trials yet but in the studies they did use n-acetylcysteine in covid patients they did not see any seriously outcomes. It looks promising.

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