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I'm feeling way better- my tips


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I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm feeling much better. I've recently felt so much better that I've taken up walking long distances everyday. I'll share my tips:


*Last year in November 2019 I started taking a high dose Omega 3 w/EPA/DHA supplement. I immediately felt the severe depression lift and I was able to get through the days without feeling as terrible. I can't stress enough that you all should be taking a high dose Omega 3 supplement daily. It instantly increases brain neuroplasticity (growing of new brain cells & neurons) by over 40%!

I'd never go back not taking them. edit: I also take 2000mg Krill oil/daily as this gets into the brain better than fish oil omega 3.


*A few months ago I started cutting out all the junk food that I'd once eaten in my life. Everything from artificial sugars, to fatty foods were eliminated. I never drank tea or coffee and I drank plenty of water (Not tap water. I drink a silica rich mineral water as Silica is helpful at removing stored aluminium in the brain.).


*Months ago I began eating a LOT of healthy organic fruit & vegetables. I try to eat x10 servings of fruit/veg a day. This has helped me enormously and I'm feeling like a new person. I still have times where I don't feel like doing anything/tired of what have you, but overall i feel a thousand times better..


*In late March 2020 I began going for long walks. To begin with I went for 30 minute walks each day, then I increased it to 50 and then to over an hour. I'm now walking at least 2 hours per day and I'm feeling great. (well , great for a person in benzo withdrawal).. edit: It's been 28 days out and I'm walking 2 - 4 hours a day and cycling over 15 miles per day (indoor cycling).


I'm near the end of my taper now @ 1.5mg Diazepam/day. and I'll be off them in just over a month. If anyone has any questions or anything ask me and I'll let you know if I can help you.


EDIT: I've now been off benzos for 28 days and I feel a lot better. The symptoms are still here but I think that they're going down slightly lately. It does take around 6 weeks (for me at least) for them to subside to a noticeable level.



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I'm really glad this is working for you, I wish you all the best with the rest of your taper.


pianogirl  :smitten:

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This is wonderful to hear cookiemouse, good tips for anyone who wants to lead a healthy life!  :thumbsup:
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Hi, I was just wondering about your Omega 3 Supplement. Is it the Fish Oil one or the vegetarian one? I have some Opti 3 vegetarian Omega -3 EPA & DHA supplements with 2 capsules providing the following doses:

EPA: 250mg

DHA: 500mg

Total Omega 3: 780mg

Vegan Vit D3: 200UI

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Sorry, me again. I’ve also just been reading about algae oil which is meant to be just as good for you as Fish Oil for Omega 3’s as the algae is where the fish get it from. I might try that as I prefer not to eat fish/fish oil for ethical reasons.
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I did the EXACT same thing. although my walks are only an hour a day, I just get bored if its more than that lol but you have inspired to me go harder. We live like monks, but its worth it. And im oddly very proud of my will and discipline these days. When i go to the doctor, i beam at being able to answer everything perfectly.


one thing i think your missing though: meditation, and also meditation hypnosis, try this guy and this meditation:


- Micheal Sealy, good hypnotist mediation guide. Recommended by a friend and doctor who is very succesful.


- Best meditation sound ive found, for deep immersion.


It might look a bit "alternative" and goo-ey. but i swear meditation is legit, you gotta just figure it out.

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Thank you for sharing these tips cookiemouse!  Happy for you that you're feeling much better!



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