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Nasal Surgery


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Hi everyone,


For anyone considering this:


I had a "sinus operation" at the end of January this year. Covid19 had not been given a name yet and it was just a nasty viral outbreak far away in China. The procedure I had is called FUNCTIONAL ENDOSCOPIC SINUS SURGERY and a SEPTOPLASTY. As it is my aim to fix as much about my health as I can, this was part of that process. I should have done it 20 years ago in my opinion. It was important to me because breathing issues where always one of the main symptoms (most disturbing) presenting in me during a panic attack and I wanted no reminders of those terrible times. I am 48 years old.


It involved a visit by referral to the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist), a check up, a CAT scan, follow up and plan for surgery. I have gone for two check ups post op. I read up a lot about it and I was comfortable with the risk/benefit situation regarding the surgery.


I checked into the hospital at 6h15am and was wheeled into theatre at 9am sharp. I opted not to take any pre-anaesthetics and the anaesthetist was very kind and offered an "alternative to benzo's" and I declined. I did speak to the anaesthetist on the phone two weeks before the op and two hours before too. I was on the table for 80 minutes I am told.


I was advised not to use any Aspirin or any other NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) for two months before the op as they do cause excessive bleeding.


The ENT removed 9 polyps (all sent in to a lab for checking). I read on the histology report that the one polyp was 15mm x 9mm big! (no I do not have a big nose!).


The septum is a piece of cartilage covered in flesh that separates the left and right nostril - mine was a bit skew so the ENT corrected that.


Turbinates are "curtain like" fleshy pieces that occur in each nostril to help warm inhaled air, there are three turbinates in either nostril. A "concha bullosa" is when a turbinate swells up heavily and partially or completely blocks the nasal pathway. You will notice your nostrils cycle from left to right all day as one dominates breathing the other is "moisturising" and cleaning for lack of the correct medical terms. So this cycling is aided by the turbinates closing down the nostril alternately, they can and do swell up and shrink naturally causing this nasal cycle. The "concha bullosa" is when there is an air pocket in the turbinate and it does not shrink enough, effectively permanently blocking or obstructing that nostril. I had a "concha bullosa" corrected surgically.


Lastly, I had bone removed at two places where the sinus cavities port into the nasal cavity - one from the ethmoid sinuses and one from the maxillary sinuses.


This was all done endoscopically through my nostrils so no cuts outside.


I stayed in hospital overnight and went home at 11am the next day. Pain was honesty minimal and I stayed at home for 10 or 12 days before resuming work (to avoid infection). I had to stay on medication for about a week and have used a "netti-pot" as prescribed ever since (once a day in the shower) as it is good practise according to the ENT.


OUTCOME: I could already breathe much better as I woke up because swelling had not set in yet. Then after a few days the swelling subsided and I was very pleased. Before the op I could not nose breathe if my right nostril was closed due to cycling as my left one was probably 80% closed when it was most open in the cycling referred to above. So, at rest I could only breathe through my nose maybe 50% of the time. Now I have forced myself to nose breathe comfortably while cycling(BICYCLE RIDING) with my heart rate right up to 140 beats per minute. My nose now works as an instrument of aspiration whereas it did not work before.


I have the habit of years and years of mouth breathing so the biggest challenge is to watch myself and to create a new habit of nose breathing. It has been three months now and I am doing it more, but not all the time.... I will keep a keen eye on this and hopefully create a new good habit.


I have read I will be good for at least 5 years and then after that things may need attention again (in certain patients), I would do this again in a heartbeat if required.


I realise this has nothing to do with benzo withdrawal and recovery but as far as anaesthetics go I have seen several ex-benzo users battle with the idea of a pre-anaesthetic for any operation, which is almost always benzo's. If it were an issue for me (anxiety) I would have taken a benzo. Once off will not reset your GABA receptors back to hell. I realise some people do not ever wish to take a benzo again for fear of set backs or addiction issues, I respect that and such people do not have to take a pre-anaesthetic or they can discuss an alternative with their anaesthetist well before the time to make the necessary arrangements.


So, if anyone has to have anaesthetics or sinus surgery here is one persons story regarding it. I used benzo's for 22 years and I am now 26 months off.








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I'm glad the surgery worked for you, I had the same surgery long long ago before I was on benzos.  It also helped my breathing, I didn't have polyps but I had a deviated septum and chronic inflammation and infection.


Personally, I would use purified water in the neti pot.  My ENT had me use a water pik with the nasal adaptor.


Fast forward several years, I have had many surgeries due to a failed first shoulder repair and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Benzos are listed as an allergy on my medical chart so I did not have any given to me as a part of any of the procedures I had. I also didn't need to 'relax' before the surgeries. 




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Omg thank you thank you so much for posting this!!!! I am preparing to have the same surgery done in a few weeks and I’m terrified to bits!!! I’m mostly scared of any meds being given to me since I’m struggling with protracted wd symptoms. But also a bit generally nervous about someone digging around in my head with sharp objects :-[ though I am excited about the projected benefits. So your story is very encouraging!!! Honestly thank you for sharing it! It sure made a huge difference for me!!!  :smitten:
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