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Overwhelming Fatigue


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Hi All,

A couple of months ago I switched from clonazepam over to diazepam. It's been so much easier to taper on diazapam. I have much less depression and anxiety. 


However, I have a new symptom now to a degree I've never experienced before. It's an overwhelming sense of fatigue. No matter how much I sleep, it just doesn't matter. It's pretty debilitating. I assume many of you have experienced this, I am just hoping for a little support. It's kind of all-consuming.


Does anyone have this problem with diazepam?


(I didn't have this problem with clonazepam to the same degree).

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I've heard this about Valium, many can't deal with it and go back to their original benzo.  I've heard others say that their body grows accustomed to it and it lessens enough for them to continue.  I see two big plus's with your situation though, your taper is easier and your depression has lessened, that's a big one because many say that increased when they crossed over to Valium.


I wonder if you hold on longer if you'll see some relief from this?  You might want to check with the members on the support thread  Valium Support Group, they know everything Valium.  You don't need to start a new topic, you can just jump in with your question.



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