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Tapering offa Effexor (venlafaxine)


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I only mentioned this because it might help others in same situation.


As you'll know, Effexor is the most difficult antidepressant to taper off because of adverse withdrawal effects.


To make it worse, the smallest capsule size I believe is 37.5mg


However, following a suggestion by a nice member here, you can open the capsule and remove the 'beads'. Some people actually count them all (I'm guessing there are about 60 per 37.5mg capsule) so that you can reduce by exactly 10%.

I couldn't be bothered with this. At first I emptied onto a long piece of folded paper, arranged the beads in a row, and took about half while putting rest back into the capsule.


Now, I just empty about half onto palm of hand and takr that way. Been over a week now with no issues.


So I'm now on 37.5mg + 18.75mg per day, down from 150 a few months back.


Hope this helps.

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