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Stopped Benzo/on Wellbutrin


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I have been off of Benzo's for 3 weeks now and anxiety creeping back in. I do not know if it is benzo withdrawal or the Wellbutrin I am on.  Anyone else have anxiety with Wellbutrin.  I am not feeling well and really do not want to restart benzo.

Thanks for support in advance.

















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I can't tell you what role Wellbutrin has in this but heightened anxiety is a hallmark symptom in Benzo withdrawal. 


I know you're suffering - you're in the acute phase and it's brutal but it will pass.  You can find ways to get through this - your brain is recalibrating post benzos - it will take time for you to feel better and in the meantime you will reach deep and take it an hour at a time if need be. 


Keep coming here and ask for support. 


Be sure to read Success Stories where you'll hear from people who were exactly where you are right now and they powered through it to get to healing.  You will too.


Hang in there! You've got this!


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I took Wellbutrin for a while. Did not do a thing for me and my doc switched me to yet another stupid SSRI which did not help at all.

My story is interesting. I took nightly benzos for thirty years, for what I thought was intractible insomnia. Of course I was addicted. Duh! My psych doc put me on SSRIS. A lot of them and none of the helped a bit. Back then, I had NO idea that "tolerance withdrawal" could happen. Now I do. In 2012 I went CT off benzos and SSRIs, Utter hell ensued. II had a seriously bad wd, including hallucinations, possible seizures, many many weird physical and mental wd symptoms that plagued me for over a year. Took me, in all honesty, about 3 years to heal from this utter disaster.

Benzo and SSRI wd is noted to have a strong likelihood of increased anxiety and even  downright fear. This is NORMAL for us. Do not be scared of this! Your brain has to heal from these drugs, and it will, given enough time.

Please do not resume taking benzos and I would also urge tou to get off the anti depressant. You dont know this, bu9t the drug companies did studies on how well various ADFs worked and their own research showed they did NOT help at all. The weird thing about benzos is they they DO what the promise to do. Relax you, calm you, help you sleep, etc. But at a very high price to pay down the road.

Going through this sure taught me a lot. THIS old nurse will never take benzos or ADs again. Those drugs came close to killing me.

When my doctor says I should take this or that drug, I relax and say "Let me think about that." My current doctor is a good guy. He never tells me I HAVE to take some drug. He leaves that up to me And I LIKE that! He is more than a doctor for me. He is a partner in my health care, but I call the shots. He doesnt.


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Thank you. Thank you


I am plugging along but it is tough. I so appreciate the support. After I get thru the benzo withdrawal I will tackle the ADs. Yes my brain is rebuilding. I feel more clear each day but my moods are up and down


Thanks again

I will need the support. Yes I need to get rid of the left overs!!!

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