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Chronic illness can heal


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I’ve had insomnia and a benzo dependency for 16-17 yrs that started in 2003 when I took Ativan for extreme insomnia 0-3 hrs sleep/night after developing PTSD from being in a new, really difficult marriage, losing a baby to cancer, having 7 mos chemo and more. Finally, I found the answer to what’s going on physically. After a traumatic holiday in Mexico last year (2019), I contracted shingles, knew I couldn’t continue with all the meds and that I needed help. My band-aid approach of 7.5-10 mg of Valium, nightly alcohol and pot to help me sleep was taking its toll on my body and I knew I had to stop. I had tried weening from benzos a number of times (first time cold turkey and learned how serious this is).


On a google search I discovered Anthony William ‘Medical Medium’, began his shingles protocol in May 2019 (tho I still drank until the last few months), and now am down to 1.25 mg Valium, no alcohol, and a little pot/CBDs. My sleep is now about 6 hrs/night average. I had also developed chronic fatigue and spend a lot of time in bed. A few keys to understanding my insomnia are 1. my illness is largely viral and 2. I need massive quantities of nutrition- the right nutrition to kill the viruses and support my body 3. 20 mg of melatonin/night. I bought all his books and I know it’s the answer I’ve been looking for for 20 yrs. Anthony William (celery juice trend) knows chronic illness. Insomnia is a symptom of chronic illness and may be much less benzo related than we think.  Weening from Valium is easy and I’ll be off soon. The diet is expensive but I know it’s the answer. I highly recommend it. I’ll update when I’m off of Valium.

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Hi there


I bought all his books too, I have been doing the celery juice every morning for the last month. I have yet to try the detox shakes but I’ll give them a try too. Hopefully they work.

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