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Buprenorphine/ Subutex


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Greetings All:


14months off Flumaz-assisted jump, I currently have no significant physical symptoms other than tinnitus, visual disturbances, e.g. large vitreous floaters, and numbness on the anterior surface of my quads that I notice mostly in the evening. My main problems are fatigue and depression. Mornings are the worst, and I almost start to feel normal by bedtime. Gratefully, I now sleep OK for the most part. The daily anhedonia and lack of motivation is getting more and more difficult to tolerate as the days go by in mindless distraction ala cable and Netflix.


I’ve been on buprenorphine as prescribed for over 12 years, currently at 4 mg. It is my intention to taper off the Bup when I am mostly recovered from the protracted benzo withdrawal symptoms, but maybe this medication is interfering with my recovery.


Is there anyone who can advise me on this? Have you been on buprenorphine after benzo withdrawal? Any general experiences regarding tapering from bup while protracted also greatly appreciated.


Thanks, and all the best to all the rest.


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