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Withdrawal symptoms and menstrual cycle


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I’ve noticed a pattern where my withdrawal symptoms seem to get worse/‘come back’ when menstrual cycle beings. I was wondering if this is the case for other women? Any information about it would be great!




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all I know is that it is the rise in progesterone during my period that puts me into a depression for a couple days. After that I seem to lift out of it. It definitely exacerbates things. WD has made my period last longer, but i Know that can change too. I've been doing a daily log to track mood changes for months and got my hormones done by a naturopath - but she wasn't benzo-wise so didn't know how benzos can mess with hormones - I found all this out about benzos and hormones after I had seen her. It's journey ...
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Yes, the changes in our hormones definitely influence withdrawal symptoms. My symptoms are always worst right before I start my cycle and sometimes a few days at the beginning of my cycle.



You might find the above link helpful, it explains benzos and female hormones in more detail.

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