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OFF TASTE on micro solution.


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i had to make a very small 3 pill solution of wateer vodka and ativan.  i used it last night, left jar out.  and today just took first dose. it has an "off taste".  can't even taste the vodka.  it was odd.  like may it got spoiled?  it was very low in jar, because not much liquid.  just worried about the off taste. i pulled up mainly the dregs of bottom of jar.  will i still get the ativan. or just fillers, thankyou.  what is the "off taste", though. :(  ususally i taste some alchohol. hope not spoiled.  just made yesterda.
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what caused the off taste, though. that is what i am wondering. and i hope i don't get sick from it. ??

I have no idea myself..?? -you have the mix..

Things that spring to mind are, -your taste “system” may be off a bit..??

-or a dead something in your rain water tank..??

-old detergent in your jar..??


Three ingredients, how wrong can it go...?? -not that im any expert...


Perhaps others have thoughts..


Hope you feel a bit/lot better soon..



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