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Bupropion XL (Generic Wellbutrin) forced taper. Manufacturer issues.


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I took a specific brand of bupropion 150mg XL for a long while with no problems. I've been having difficulty finding my manufacturer for the last 5-6 months.  Whenever I switch to other manufacturer my depression comes back and I start "twitching" uncontrollably.


The last time I couldn't find my manufacturer I called 13 pharmacies trying to find it.  That got me through a month.  I'm back to a bad batch again and twitching.  A pharmacy was supposed to gave a batch for me today, but now it's possibly late February, if I'm lucky they'll get it.  I've been on crappy pills since 2/1.


So, I'm going to taper off.  I only have the 150xl which is problematic. I know it immediately releases if it's cut open.  My plan is to grind it up and separate it into 3 doses and then taper off over a few weeks.  I don't know how else to manage this situation.  Would it be any better to get a script for regular release 75mg tablets?  I think grinding it up just turns it into immediate release.  So, I can't see much benefit to getting a script? Any other suggestions?


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I am so sorry for what you’ve been through b/c of the shortage of your medication. That must be very upsetting and frightening.


It sounds like you may be taking a modified-released formulation.  I have no idea if it is true or not or if it applies to your particular drug formulation, but I recall reading on the The Withdrawal Project website that it is not safe to alter the form of any kind of modified release tablet.


Per the website:


“If, prior to ingestion, a modified-release tablet is broken or the beads (often called “pellets” in drug labels) or “mini-tablets” in a modified-release capsule are altered, that release technology is damaged. This can lead to physical harm in part because the amount of active drug getting released into the bloodstream becomes unpredictable and potentially dangerous.”


The site goes on to recommend using a regular release version of the drug to taper.


To learn more, you can visit:


Step 11- Ensuring that a Drug is Relatively ‘Taper-friendly’ | The Withdrawal Project


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