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where are my fellow runners?


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I've posted about this before here, a while back, and now I'm checking in again :) who here are the distance runners?


I've been a distance runner for 4+ years now... and I'm getting into farther and father distances (ultramarathons).


When the whole benzo mess started and my insomnia got really tough, it really messed with my training, and I'm slowly getting it back though it's not great/perfect!


I have a 50K race next Saturday. I feel grossly undertrained but I think I can show up and just get it done, hopefully. It's not my first rodeo at that distance. And living through this hell, I'm sure I can gut out 31 miles in the rain and mud (the forecast is rain, haha). I have done other races in the rain so that isn't new for me, either.


Anyone else? what races/running adventures do you have planned for 2017?


I've GOT to nail my first 50 mile race! It will depend on where I am living though... I may be moving for work!

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Good for you Tealwater! That's amazing!! Keep up the good work.


I currently run 5-6 miles 3-4 days a week. I really enjoy it. I used to love it even more before benzos. I pray that I can acquire my "love" for running once again. I'm getting there.


I would like to run a half marathon in May/June this year. Baby steps!  :)

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Thanks for replying! My love of running is gradually returning, too. It's hard to stay on track sometimes when everything can be unpredictable.


A half marathon would be great! any thoughts on which ones you are interested in?


I'm currently thinking about challenging myself to a very tough, steep, technical mountain race that is 10 steps out of my league, LOL.

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I maybe take up running myself. Seems to be a good stressbuster for a lot of people!  :)


It sure is! it is wonderful, and you get to see so many wonderful places in nature this way!

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