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Is Zoloft making Xanax WD worse?


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2 months now off Xanax and I still get the horrid burning tingling head pressure and numbness in my brain and the DP/DR is so bad I don't feel like I'm in reality anymore and I can't even hardly recognize myself I'm the mirror! I feel like I'm losing my mind and there's no hope! My mind is surrounded my a deep cloud of evil and intrusive thoughts I've completely lost me and I feel there's only a tiny bit left! I was washing dishes earlier and I just got real dizzy and confused and felt like I was gonna pass out and when I stop occupying myself or try to lay down and watch a movie it's just a numb burning in my head and a cloud of evil and confusion in my brain filled with fear and anxiety! This is so miserable and the only thing I'm on now is Zoloft which I've been on before and they put me on in the hospital but honestly I can't tell but it may be making things worse and I've been on it over 6 weeks now so I can't just stop taking it and I worry about WD to it too! Help and advice please?
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