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experiences with celexa?


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Hi buddies,

I am coming to ask if anyone has been on celexa (or citalopram) and what your experiences were.


A few years ago, I had success with zoloft. No major side effects, and I eventually tapered off about 1.5 years with no problem. When my issues all started this year (insomnia which I used benzos for VERY briefly, then had some withdrawal from the benzos) my doctor put me back on zoloft, and this time was horrible. I feel like it made everything worse! My new doctor tapered me off right away.


I have been trying to battle my insomnia, anxiety, and depression, with every "natural," "alternative," and therapeutic way you can think of. In therapy, regular meditation, am a runner, do lots of walks, acupuncture, take lots of vitamins, etc etc. My insomnia has made some progress I guess, but I still have some sleepless nights and my sleeping pattern is a mess. This sometimes exacerbates my anxiety, which is always there, and now I'm slipping into what feels like depression. There are so many positive, exciting life events happening and I feel like I can't enjoy them because of how I feel.


I know many people are against antidepressants, or any kinds of meds. I respect that, and feel that they should be a last resort. However, I'm at my wit's end. I have never felt this bad, for this long, EVER. I'm sure the benzo withdrawal had something to do with it - but it's been 4 months. And I know it's not THAT long, but I seriously took benzos for less than a week. I feel like I should be almost done with this. Anyway, since it's been a few months since I've tapered off zoloft, is it okay to try something new with the celexa? I am just worried it might make things worse before they get better.


My doctor prescribed me 10mg, which I know is less that typical therapeutic dose.


Any feedback and experiences is much appreciated! :) I am still on the fence but believe i need to give it a shot.

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Hi, I was on celexa for about 6 years, before and during my withdrawal.  It seemed to help with my moderate depression, but it had a major side effect, which was that I gained quite a lot of weight, which I'm still trying to lose.  So, it's something I wouldn't take unless I absolutely had to.
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