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Progesterone and testosterone


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I'm surgically postmenopausal

I've been on just estrogen for awhile


Have been told I have low P and T


was given a shot of each yesterday


Feel worse


Is this causing a setback?


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Hi, on monday i was feeling the best i had in years (but i do get these odd days)...

-it was a Dr day, and i got my testosterone shot, (had missed the previous one 4

mths prior, due to oxy detox in hosp)..

-point being, the next day i was so messed up, that i even updosed for one day...

Pls dont begin to take this as conclusive, as there could, for me, be many reasons...

But it did make me wonder, but couldnt find much info on it at all...

Anyone else? -either a possible interaction, or no interaction...?

Thanks all...

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