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Need a general gabepentin taper plsn


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I decided today that I want off my three doses daily of 300 mgs. I hear it's pure heck to get off of. I have been on it for about three months. About a week and a half ago I.started getting heightened anxiety, insomnia, and the worst headache in the world. Plus on it I have put on 33 pounds of.weight. I cold turkey ed.from Ativan 1 month and 11 days ago. It has been so bad lately that I have 2 rescue doses and I have been tempted to take.one.

Tired of being sick. Can someone.help me. thanks!

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i've been on and off and have some exp.

if you 3x300 a day, I would drop the day dose complete, and stay on an evening 300 dose for couple days. then I would taper the 300 dose down to 200 for some time, then 100, then 50 for a while and stop


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I was wondering do you liquify it and pull out liquid like Valium taper

Does it make you gain weight? Did u eat more or just gain? Are you exercising or able to?

I have gained some weight but that's good

I just don't want too much

Been walking

On 200 3 times per day

To aid with getting me off the last 1mg

I was in horrific pain and Akathesia and it has helped but I don't want another problem

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