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Got my new gram scale today - Yeah!!


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Got my new gram scale from Amazon yesterday and it's too cute for words.  Thanks for those who gave me suggestions on what scale to get.  I ended up getting the "Gemini 20".  I was able to sit down before my anxiety kicked in over having to return for another test at the breast center (see Progress Note).  I practiced and practiced using it and think I understand how to use it.


So does this sound like a good plan for detoxing off my remaining Klonopin.  I started with .50mg which equals 174 grams.  I plan to reduce 1/8mg a week.  So here's my calculations and tell me if you think I'm off.



.50mg K = 174grams

.437mg K = 152grams (where I'm currently at) continue to reduce by 1/8 each week.  Also holding at 15mg Valium during K detox

.375mg K = 130grams

.312mg K = 108gram

.25mg K = 86grams

.19mg K = 64grams

.125mg K = 42grams

.063mg K = 20grams


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Your figures look correct but you need to look at the decimal point, a .5mg K pill will weigh 0.174grams I think so your figures should be .130  .108  .086  .064  .042  .020

Your pills may be different but when I weighed .5 mg k pills I got an average of .171mg per


Good luck with your taper, I take my klonopin dose twice per day, are you going to do this or just once per day?

Also I got weekly pill boxes and made a weeks worth of doses at a time and marked the sections on the box with day and amount to save me any confusion.


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