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Celexa withdrawal


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After  a year of trying to get off clonazepam, I had to go back on it. because the taper had been too rapid.  At that time, my doctor (GP)suggested increasing my antidepressant because it wasn't working. I went from 20mg/day celexa to 70mg/day. Still didn't work. Got a psychiatrist to switch. He got me to reduce celexa by half for 1 week. Then down to 10mg for one week. Then started immediately 37.5 mg Venlafaxine for 1 week. Then up to 75mg venlafaxine. been there for about a month.I am experiencing symptoms similar to clonozepam withdrawal. Depression , tired all the time, intrusive thoughts, apathy, depersonalization.  Wondering if this is standard.  Seems to me that the tapering from celexa was too fast. Talked to my pharmacist, she said it could take a "few" weeks. wondering i am right about this. What are other folks experience?
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