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CT detox off Xanax 3 weeks ago now on Zoloft and Resperdal?


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Did CT detox 3 weeks ago off Xanax from .75mg and since have been put on Zoloft and Resperdal. Now on 75mg of Zoloft and .5mg of resperdal mainly for anxiety OCD and the intrusive horrible thoughts I was already having coming off the Xanax! I've been on the new meds now 2 weeks and the thoughts are no better and I can't tell with all the physical and emotional symptoms I was already having if the new meds are helping or making it worse? I'm scared about all these meds but especially the resperdal as it is an antipsychotic which I've never taking before and I know it can mess with your heart and cause diabetes and all kinds of crazy and I've found both effect serotonin and the resperdal effects dopamine as well so I'm worried about serotonin syndrome too! Don't know what to do cause I was already having a bunch of symptoms and it's hard to tell what's causing what? I know I have had some pains in my chest and spasms in my stomach over the last few days so just not sure?
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Hey Man,


I was put on risperdal about 3.5 years ago while I was in tolerance w/d from clonazepam.  I did not do my homework on this drug and just took the doctor's word for it.  That was a big, big mistake.  I am pissed off at my doctor now for putting me on that garbage.  It really turned me into a zombie, yet it did so, very slowly.  Now, I am probably a lot more "emotionally blunted" than I would be, from being on the benzos.


Anyway, I have just tapered off of the risperdal, and it wasn't easy.  I would strongly urge you to stop taking this drug asap.  If you've only been on it for 2 weeks, you should be able to cold turkey it.  This drug may cause permanent damage, and I feel somewhat lobotomized from the whole benzo w/d and risperdal experience.


In short, this drug, Risperdal is some very bad shit, (you can do the research yourself), and I WISH I had never taken it.  Some doctors call it the "shut up" drug, because patients basically stop complaining once they've been on it for a while - very sick.


If you have any questions, you can feel free to PM me. 


There are no shortcuts around benzo w/d, and I don't think there are any pills that make benzo w/d easier without causing their own harm to us.



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