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Autistic/Aspi and Withdrawing?


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I was wondering if there was anyone else on the spectrum? I have atypical autism and given that I was already dealing with a lot of sensory and cognitive issues before the withdrawals, I was wondering if other people with Autism/Aspergers felt the same in respect to having a pretty tough time during withdrawals. I personally think it really ads an extra layer of difficulty to the healing process and makes it feel like a slower thing. I also think it has a lot to do with why i was so sensitive to the drug in the first place.


In accordance with that, does anyone know of any research done on specifically autistic or aspi people who are going through benzo withdrawals? Any ifo would be really nice, thank you.

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Hey Dizzy Day,

I don't have the same issue as you - but I have other health issues that only a few people on that earth are having (and some "normal" ones on top). I can tell you that you can make your withdrawal no matter who you are, how you are, what you are and what other people tell you.

My taper lasted about 5 years. I did it all by myself, against the will of the doctors, without help, just with listening to my body and treating me like a lab rat (testing what I could do and how I reacted). Perhaps your Autism can even help you to make exact plans and to stay with them.

In my case I was used to struggle a lot with diseases and I have a strong will and perhaps thats the reason why I could do this all for such a long time. The long taper even helped me,- even better than other therapies, to find out what I need and want and to get more power. I did a lot of therapies before, for example against panic attacks and fears and behavioral things.. but in WD I had to follow my own plans and stick to it and the knowledge that I could do that even without knowing how and which what results - I don't know.. it turned out to be helpful. No one would ever have thought this.

I am sure you can USE your sensitivity (to drugs/persons/situations) for your WD! Thats what I did and it worked.

Wish you all the best,


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