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Baclofen help


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please help this is only thing that helps my spasm and i quit drinking 3 days ago so this should help with the alcohol as well, i just dont want to have withdrawals from using it with benzos
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I am do proud of you for not drinking.  I know that has to be hard as that is not something I have had.  Mine is sugar and I am trying to stay away from that.  Tell me about you.  Do you work?  You were on K for a long time.  How long have you been off?
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i tapered off, i have been off for about 9 0r ten weeks i am dizzy all the time i have anxiety like im dying my legs are weak vertigo, im starting to think im dying, my neck on the left side is killing me to the point i have a hard time swallowing, can this be alcohol withdrawal? i usually drink 14 15 beers a night 3 times a week but im stopping been sober 3 days so far
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go to Other Medications on this site and then do a search on it.  It looks you will be dealing with a lot of issues from it so multiply your problems.
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I do not know about alcohol wd.  I am sorry you are having so many issues.  That is very tough.  I KNOW THE ALCOHOL IS HURTING AND ADDING TO THE WD.  Regardless this is where you are today.  STOPPING both is the best and only thing you can do.  We ALL have to take it 1 day at a time.  Take deep breaths in through your nose out through your mouth.  That can help anxiety.  Do you have sound/light sensitivty?  I do.  I cannot watch TV or listen to music.  Are you able to? 
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To yyeehhaaww,

I've noticed on your signature that you were or still on taking zyprexa. I am taking zyprexa too and i have

tried in the past to get off of it but find it very difficult. Are u planning on getting off of it and how many

milligrams are you taking? Thanks Kim

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I just looked at some of your old posts, and it appears you did a c/t?  Tell us about it?  AGAIN I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR NOT DRINKING.  You are going through a lot. 
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Praise the Lord I am off of EVERYTHING.  For some reason (probably that I was only on it a few months) I was able to get off of it.  The benzos are what do me in.  Then again, I pretty much can't take very many meds.  I experienced bad jaw shaking for a month which was bad from it.  How long have you been on it?
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I am  guessing .. instead of benzo wd you will be dealing with something else in addition to it, but I do not know


found this on internet


Do not suddenly stop taking baclofen. Sudden withdrawal may cause serious and possibly life-threatening side effects, including high fever; confusion; changes in mental status; and muscle stiffness and spasms that, in rare cases, have progressed to serious muscle

problems, multiple organ failure, and death


Hello, i was wondering if anyone has had oral baclofen and had problems coming off it. I have suffered horrendously with withdrawal syndrome which has been going on for the last 5 months. I came off it 5 months ago. The hospital and my doc have tried putting me back on it but i suffered even more and suffered so many withdrawal problems coming off it the second time. is it just a matter of time before everything goes back to normal? i have improved but I still am frightened as my normal aches and pains that i used to get have not returned and Ive got rebound spacticity instead. Any input or help on this would be most appreciated of any problems anyone experienecd with the oral baclofen. Many Thanks.


My neuro said it would be ok for me to just come off i and that I would be fine. I had only been on it two and a half weeks and dropped down to 5mg. he told me to cold turkey off the 5 mg. I was rushed to hospital 3 days later with violent retching. Eventually baclofen was restarted and I suffered with 30 withdrawal symptoms from hallucinations to muscle spacticity and I had menstrual,bleeding for 40 days. It has been 5 months since i came off baclofen the second time and am still suffering from withdrawal symptoms although not as severe..my intestines are still asleep...ie not digesting properly, I have vertigo type symptoms and my muscles are still not back to the way they were. I have vivid dreams and tingling sensations and now have problems with my jaw.


Last year (April 2007) I went to the doctor with a painful blocked ear. After attempts to unblock the ear etc it then resulted in an electric shock type pain going across my teeth and to the other ear as my inner ear had become inflamed. This then resulted in my tongue and face tightening in response to the pain so the doc put me on baclofen. Prior to this my only health problems were a painful lower back and a torticollis, both of which Ive had for 20 years and managed through physiotherapy. I was living a normal healthy life, on no medication as a busy school teacher, living alone and was meant to be getting married this christmas gone.

When I first went on baclofen I took 10mg and then another 10mg. The next day the painful face melted away and so did my back pain and torticollis pain. However the day after my arms started to burn so I then reduced my dosage to 5mg. I stayed on the 5mg for about two weeks before I had to go and see my neuro. By then my pain in my ear had stopped and the inflammation had gone down.


My neuro told me there was no need to wean off the Baclofen and that i would be fine coming off the 5mg. I trusted him and just came off it.


Three days later i began violently retching with an extreme sensation of nausea. The retching was not gastro intestinal but from the sides of my body. My stomach was also very touch sensitive as was the rest of my body. For two weeks the medical proffession were baffled. I kept telling them that it was because of the Baclofen but they kept dismissing it. After two weeks of retching I was rushed to hospital where finally a doctor said that this was most definately Balofen withdrawal syndrome and that I was to go back on 5mg.


As soon as I went back on the Baclofen the retching stopped but my intestines opened and all my contents came flooding out.


I felt so ill but had stabalized none the less. the doctor then told me to wean off 1mg a week. Four days later i started doing this..well someone opened the doors of hell and threw me in and locked the door. i suffered horrendously with EXTREME NAUSEA. (you have to experience it to believe it.) I felt sick all over my body but it wasnt Gastro-intestinal. I could retch one minute then eat the next. My whole body became touch sensitive..if you touched me anywhere I would retch. i had wavy movements inside my body and crawling sensations inside and I thought the retching was going to kill me.


2 months later the weaning off process stopped and I had suffered so much withdrawal and thought it would be over and I would go back to normal as everyone kept telling me... I WAS WRONG.


Three days after coming off baclofen for the second time I began bleeding. I bled for 40 days. I had swinging sensations inside me like I was swinging on a hammock. In the end my parents couldnt cope and called an ambulance. I was rushed to hospital where they were very thorough and checked every part of me and then sent me home..At least nothing else was wrong!


My list of withdrawal symptoms which continued and to date are extreme nausea on one side of my torso which swaps sides sometimes

crawling sensations through my teeth, head and back like snakes crawling through my body.

a feeling of someone poking hot pins into my skin

a feeling of being car sick even though Im still

vertigo type symptoms

muscle spasms

violent and aggressive retching where I needed to be held down

burning sensations in my throat and ears

Problems with digestion

my whole body tingling

cold hands and feet

clenching jaw

a feeling of vibration and buzzing inside me

eyes twitching

body temperature change.

urine dsicolouration



vivid dreams

a feeling like Im recovering from flu

sharp shooting nerve pains

a feeling of the wheel of a steam train rotating inside me

a feeling of being spaced out

muscle weakness on my right side compared to my left

thoughts of impending doom(I told everyone I only had a year left to live and started preparing for my funeral)

There is more than this but my current problems 5 months off the drug are



my muscles have not gone back to normal-My torticollis and lower back pain has not returned but I get other spasms instead ie like a rebound spacticity. (baclofen can cause you to have more aches and pains..its a bit deceptive in that it can also cause pain if you are in tolerance to the drug or withdrawal and so you take more)

urine discolouration

a feeling of inner rotation- like the wheel of a train is going round and round inside me

nausea on my right side of my torso but not as bad as it used to be

poor digestion like my intestines are asleep and dont want to work properly. (There are GABA receptors in the intestines too which is causing this)

my jaw is clenching.


Symptoms change all the time and I can manage during the day on my own now after 5 months but it has been hard. My well being has improved BUT Im still suffereing. If anyone can relate to any of this list..be it small please get in touch and tell me what the symptom was, did you recover and how long did it take for the symptom to go away?


my neuro says im suffering from baclofen withdrawal syndrome and central nervous system malfunction but is only guessing that I will recover as she has no knowledge of others who suffered in this way.


My biggest question is- Will my back pain and torticollis pain return(Iwant it to) and my muscles and normal body return.

I went to the doc with one problem and I got at least 30 back in return.



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Hey. I also dealt with this, as I was prescribed baclofen for muscle spasms in month one of w/d starting @ 20 mg/day going down to 10. I believe it helped me during acute which didn't last as long as it could have. I had some rebound insomnia going off now I'm back on after another back injury. And yes WOW GOOD FOR YOU with the alcohol!!! I drank too much during acute and I thought it was helping but like everyone said once I stopped I felt so much better and I hope you do too. Baclofen is used to treat alcohol w/d but it's treatment is new for that and the doses are typically much higher than for muscle spasms. Might be worth asking your doctor about. I quit smoking during acute. I just lost my taste for it and it no longer gave me any rush so I thought here's my window of opportunity. Hey, if benzo w/d can do anything good for us, I'm gonna grab that. Keep going; you're doing great!
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