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Insane things happening towards the end of wd?


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I am basically coming to the end of wd now, last few months or even weeks and some of the stuff is totally off the charts insane, today for example I was just a mess for 3 hours in my bathroom, picture the scene from total recall one when arnie is on mars and he can't breath for lack of air, that's probs what I looked like haha.


Don't let that scare you, this was seriously intense but lot's of relief, like a compression chamber decompressing in my stomach and nervous system. Relief pain is the only way to describe this only times 1000.


Any healed mods like to share anything intense that happened to you toward the final months or weeks of your wd.



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I could breathe by the way haha, just had to push very hard to well not sure what it was that was going on but I had to just sort of climb out of my body and it felt like the nerve stuff was realigning and centered, crazy.


Just thought I would clear that up, could breathe fine  ;D


Edit: Not really climbing out my body more of a giant push through my body from head to toe and the nerve issues were getting a lot better.

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