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Which exercise is best for the brain?


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Thank you for this!! This is very interesting. I would like to run, but I get overheated way too quickly. I may try and just do a little here and there while I'm walking, though. The study sounds as if running is great for the brain!! I'll keep that in mind.



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I swear by long distance running. I'm a better person when I return from my runs. I run for 60-100 minutes 4 times a week. I absolutely love it! I don't kill myself either....maybe a 12 minute mile.  :thumbsup:
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I have a TON of problems with this study! It is awful! First of all, rats are not humans, and have different patterns of movement--skitter, stop, skitter, etc...they don't go out for strolls. If humans moved like rats, it would be considered bizarre! Humans are built for long, slow, distance movement, primarily walking with some running. Hunting and gathering.


The only activity that the rats actually had control of was running on a treadmill. The other "exercise types" were basically torture--I mean, being forced to climb a wall with a weight on your tail--really?! Being forced to do "interval training" (how did they force that?) Imagine if you were forced to do either of those against your will. Living in a cage is already stressful for a rat, having a treadmill reduces that stress somewhat, but it is nothing like being a human with your own freedom and free will.


Lets compare rats that have a large, natural environment, with free will and lots of room to move around, and a natural diet. Compare their brains with rats that live in a tiny cage with a treadmill, and eat cheap, dreadful rat chow. I bet you would see a huge difference there!



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