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How to taper....


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Propranolol and visteral?


I'm at 5 mg propranolol three times a day


I've tried before a few times and failed.


Thinking about going liquid and going down by 1 mg a week


Im at 25 mg visteral twice daily.


Every time I try to stop my anxiety goes up and my skin burns


Thoughts ?

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You might think about getting a scale and measuring everything. That's what I have. If they're pills, they're really hard to cut up and I don't want that big of a reduction anyway. I want it to be where I hardly feel it. I have a Gemini 20 portable that is inexpensive and bought through Amazon.


Don't do it, though, if your anxiety is still high. I made a huge mistake. I was not sufficiently healed and didn't realize more anxiety was on the way. You might need those pills for that time.

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