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Are skin/hair products safe?


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I wasnt too sure of where to put this topic so I hope this is the right place :o


I was wondering if anybody knows if we can react to chemicals skin or hair products? I havn't worn makeup in quite a while or had my hair bleached/dyed, mostly out of being too sick/anxious to get it done but I was wondering if there's any possibility of having a reaction to such things and them cause symptoms to increase by getting into the bloodstream? Id quite like to get my hair done soon and it would help if i knew there was no risk involved


Im also asking because I brought some liquid latex for doing halloween makeup and im a bit worried to use it. I dont know if this is possible but Ive read of other people having certain things like lip balms cause bad symptoms and I really dont want that to happen. I  really want to do some cool/ scary makeup for Halloween  just for fun so im hoping i can do so!

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I am very careful about which products to use on my skin and hair. Years ago I started reading about the chemicals and makeup and other products we put on our skin. Whatever you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body. So I would be very careful.
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