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Food not being digested


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Kind of an embarrassing topic. But I wanted to know if anyone else had this issue? Is this related to benzo withdrawal at all?


My stools are looking really pale grey/green and have undigested food in them. This has been going on for a week or so. It's making me a bit worried.


I'm waiting on results for an abdominal scan from my doctor. I always get anxious when I'm waiting on a report. Benzo w/d is making me think: what if there's something wrong with me?



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I'd give it some time for your digestive system to settle down.  When I dropped to 2mg Valium, I developed weird poop habits and the doc thought I had diverticulitis.  I didn't!  In seeing posts on this site, and in retrospect to myself, I definitely had this type of thing go on.  Tinwi2016 is right that probiotics will help.  Think about drinking a correct amount of water (not an overabundance).  Eat as healthy as you can, chew well and maybe add a bit of fiber.  IF your test comes back negative, just know that many of us have to tough it out on the digestive side.  Took me 6 months after getting below 2mg Valium to finally get normal bowel movements.  Good luck.
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I have IBS and think I tired everything possible.  Probiotics did not work for me and in some cases made my symptoms worse.  I am now using enzymes with good results.  My problem is failure to digest fats and bloat.  I am taking alpha galactoside for bloat and lipase for fat digestion.  Rather than use a broad spectrum enzymes I suggest trying individual ones until you find what works best for you.

Here is a good read on the subject:



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I had this for over a year,then green diarrhea for half a year. I treated it with tons of raw garlic every day for over a month.atfirst it made it worse but then it improved 200%
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