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4mg and under Diazepam/ Valium group


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Hi all  :thumbsup: Myself and others have been in hell since we got to 4mg and lower, personally I have found it a massive struggle. I spent over 10 year's in severe tolerance withdrawal a  forced CT on top of 10mg of my original 20mg Diazepam dose and 40 MG Temazepam. I don't know if its I just can't remember but this feels worse than my CT a few years ago :D  But this last 4mg has been a hell for nearly 2 years struggling all that time to get under 4mg I cut an 1/8  recently and now just under 3.7/8. 


And believe it was going at Ashton rates in the lower dose that's caused me problems as it was too much too fast. And its taken me all this time to do that small cut as other wise its was going to take me 8 years or longer to get off  4mg at the rate I was going doing liquid daily Micro taper after going from cut and hold and now back to cut and hold again. I cut 1/8 nearly 5 weeks and 5 days ago and have been holding since then as my symptoms are very severe, I hope those of us at this point can find help and encouragement here  :)



Love Nova xxx :smitten: :smitten: :smitten:

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Nova 1,


I too am finding it rough going at this low dose. I never suffered from panic attachs but Im getting them now.

Its scary but I just keep telling myself these sensations are dissturbing but not Dangerous. I breath, I find quiet spaces where I can gather myself and I move on.


Stay strong and go slow, thats what my plan is. I dont really care how long it takes but I will get there and so will you. :thumbsup:



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Dear Nova and All tied Up


How I feel for you both but you have both show such courage and determination and have come a long way - though at times it does not always feel like it.

I am helping my Lo get free of diazapam and we are currently dry tapering from 3mg daily split into evening and morning doses.

We are at the experimental stage with cutting and holding and don't think that we have got things quite right yet. But the withdrawals don't seem too bad but we shal see, these drug has a nasty habit of creeping up on you when you least expect it.  We have managed about an 8% reduction this month but will be holding for next two weeks as difficult times are ahead this month.

My Lo is not involved in the cutting and weighing and this my be an advantage  I don't know. But I do know the difference that I have seem is amazing but we still have a way to go.  Sending you and all those on this journey, loads of hugs.

Just keep going you will do it.


Started at 20mg Diazapam Nov 2015

900 Gabapentin

30mg Mirtazapine

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