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HEart rate went over 200 - Exercise!!! NO!


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Just wanted to tell you what happened today


I have been going to my apartment gym for about 2 1/2 weeks, I only do about 15 min. minimal work on a sit bike.  I have been off benzos for 5 weeks now.  Anyway I was going a little harder today and as my heart rate is normally fast now since W/D I was going and got a bit dizzy so I stopped, I saw my heart rate skyrocket from 135 to 208 in under a minute, I couldnt; believe it I thought this was the end.  I was told to lay on the floor and the HR went down.  Not sure why it flew up so high but I just s happened last month I made a Heart doc appointment for this Thursday to get checked out.  Looks like I will have alot  more to tell them than I thought.


Anyway, take it easy folks.... things can go haywire.

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So scary! I'm unable to do mildly taxing activities without a huge heart rate spike and other horrible symptoms. The thought of getting on an exercise bike is actually scary at this point since some days I feel like I'm going to die after vacuuming
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It has been rough, I went on a sit bike for about 3 weeks for 15 min. a day, better than nothing.  Now Im outa month and a half off benzos and my heart just got worse... I can't exercise at all other than a few minutes walk before my rate goes sky high.  So scary.  I am wearing a heart monitor for 2 weeks and gettign a echo scan on monday.... I pray my heart is ok. 
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