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Naltrexone or clonodine to help withdrawal?


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My GP mentioned naltrexone and/or clonodine to help withdrawal side effects of benzos.

I don't know much about either, but I think Clonodine is a beta blocker given in tiny dose to help with the shakes. My GP told me to ask my Pdoc about these two drugs.  But I don't see my pdoc until Novemeber.

Just curious if anyone here knows or has heard about thes two drugs and if they are appropriate for Benzo  withdrawal.


Thanks, Heath


I posted this in the support group section by accident, so that's why I have reposted it here.




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My doctor tried to get me on clonodine, and I'm glad I didn't go on it.. I've read that Ashton said that clonodine did not help with benzo w/d.  I researched it, and there are many people that have great difficulty coming off of clonodine.


I think the sad truth is, there isn't any drug that can help us with benzo withdrawal.  The doctors are trying to help, but it seems all they know how to do nowadays is to prescribe more pills. 


If I listened to my well intentioned doctor, I'd be stuck on 2-3 more psych drugs, and would be way more screwed up than I am now, and have much further to go in order to recover.


I think the magic bullets are: time, diet, exercise, sleep, avoiding toxins, and doing what we can to re-engage in life as much as possible..


Hope this helps - Eric

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Although not on full dose naltrexone, I have been taking LDN since March 29th, 2016.


I'm currently not taking anything starting this week, even suppliments as I want my body to have nothing to process.

As soon as I'm someone stable with symptoms, I'll be taking LDN again as it helps to increase endorphins which helps the immune system. I plan to take it for life.


I also read it is possibly a glutemate antagonist.


My LDN story and fast track information


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