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Zoloft of Prozac for depression and anxiety after 4 months of Xanax?


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I've now been on Xanax for 4 months after a horrible experience with Lexapro! Have been on Zoloft and Prozac before both worked. Zoloft worked for about a year and a half and then was switched to Prozac and it worked for about 2 years then I got off of it in the fall of last year. Symptoms came of anxiety and panic came back after about 5 months then tried to reinstate Prozac in may and after 9 days it gave me harmful thoughts so was switched to lexapro. Bad idea lexapro was a nightmare could not tolerate drug and had horrible w/d which is why I got stuck with Xanax! Trying to stabilize on Xanax after a big cut and changes and the depression and anxiety are horrible so not sure what to do? Im already having depression anxiety and insomnia with the WD to Xanax so which might be the better option at this point? Prozac is said to be more activating so I don't know?
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