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All over body rash (pictured) anyone seen anything like this?


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Had this for 6 years now, convinced it's a rare type of cancer called  Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma... Had one biopsy which I was convinced she took from normal skin rather than the actual rash and it came back as normal skin not even the rash came up which adds to this





Any idea?

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Pictures of the Cancer (not of my body)





It's the same as mine :(


I think the long term use of zopiclone has given me cancer...

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I think the spots in the second pictures are slightly darker but the pattern is the same. If I were you I would have my biopsy redone. It's strange it came out negative.

Also, don't forget benzos and probably also Z-drugs may make your body hypersensitive to food, chemicals and pretty everything. A friend of mine developed a skin rash after years on quetiapine.

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I'm a biologist so I'm somewhat in the field and did some research for you.

Well, it may be. All benzos and Z-drugs have been linked to an increased risk of developing cancer. The good news is about the progression if it's really cancer... You said you have had it for six years now. It looks like this kind of cancer has four different stages and after such a long time you are still in the first one. This means your prognosis is very good and you are likely to have a form that is not very aggressive. Also, treatments are available and more effective for this early stage.


Then, if you are not convinced about the result again have a biopsy done in a different centre. It's about your life!


Look at this: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10071312

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I would most definitely see a doctor and maybe even a different one.  Rashes can occur for many reasons. My husband has had several, he's never been on benzos, and the last one was determined to be from an allergy.


Good luck tomorrow.



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